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How to Delete Comment on IGHow to Delete Comment on IG

How to delete comment on ig

You can delete comment on ig that you’ve made or other people have left under your posts, Reels, and IGTV videos in the Instagram app and web browser. It’s the same process on both platforms, though the button to delete a comment is slightly different: On Android, long tap a comment to call a menu; on iOS, swipe it to the left.

Instagram also allows you to pin a comment so that it appears at the top of your post’s comments section, which can be helpful if you want to highlight an important message or make sure your followers see it first. However, if you’re pinning a comment that someone else has written, they won’t receive a notification if it gets deleted.

Behind the Scenes: The Art of Concealing Comments on Instagram – Tips and Tricks Revealed!

In addition to deleting comments, you can also report them if they’re offensive or violate Instagram’s community guidelines. If you do this, one of the options will be to block the user’s account, which removes their ability to view or comment on your content.

You can’t edit a comment once it’s posted, but you can delete it and then repost a new comment that incorporates the changes you wanted to make. You can also use the three-dot menu to select a comment and edit it in a separate window before posting. Regardless of which option you choose, the comment will disappear from the comment summary page after you make the change. If you deleted a comment by accident, Instagram will give you a few seconds to undo it before it’s permanently removed.…

The Best Burger in Durham NCThe Best Burger in Durham NC

best burger durham nc

The burger scene in Durham is hotter than ever, with options for both classic and more unique burgers. Whether you want to try a smash burger at QueenBurger or a sweet chili chicken burger at Dain’s Place, you can find it here. There are also a number of options for vegetarians and vegans, including the veggie burger at Burger Bach and the vegan burger at OnlyBurger.

The most important factor when it comes to the best burger durham nc is the quality of the ingredients. Many burger places in Durham make their own patties, which can add to the flavor and texture of the patty. Additionally, many restaurants offer unique toppings and sauces that can enhance the overall taste of a burger.

Durham’s Burger Haven: Uncovering the Quest for the Best Burgers in NC

Other popular burger spots in Durham include Geer Street Garden, which serves a burger made with a blend of chuck and brisket and pairs it with bacon jam, and LouElla’s Southern Kitchen, which has a fried egg and pimento cheeseburger that is sure to satisfy any southern cravings.

While many burger spots in Durham serve delicious burgers, they can sometimes be overshadowed by the atmosphere and service. However, some of the newest burger joints in town have managed to balance a great burger with an exceptional experience for their guests. These include Lakewood Social, which is moving into the space of Schroeter’s and plans to serve a selection of beer, cider and cocktails with its burgers.

Parents Should Be Aware of the Potential Harm of Online GamesParents Should Be Aware of the Potential Harm of Online Games

Online Games are a hugely popular way of spending time, connecting with friends and developing key skills. They can keep kids and adults engaged, improve brain speed, concentration and multitasking, and foster teamwork. However, parents should be aware of the potential for online gaming to cause harm.

joker123 can be played on a laptop or mobile phone browser, whereas traditional video games require high-end computer hardware and gaming consoles. Online games can be free or require a subscription fee, depending on the type of game and whether it offers in-game virtual currency. These games are also a great way to meet other people who share your interest in the same game.

Many online games offer real-time interaction between multiplayer participants. This socialization can result in long-term friendships and bonding. It can also enhance a sense of social identity and self-worth. However, in extreme cases, online gaming can lead to addiction, depression and cyberbullying.

Quest for Adventure: Navigating the Storylines of Top Online Games

A huge number of online games contain violence and can desensitize children (and adults) to violent behavior. This can have drastic societal consequences, including mass shootings and serial killings.

Some online games require users to register with a username and password, which can put players at risk of being exposed to sensitive personal information, such as addresses and credit card details. This can be used to commit phishing attacks and fraud. Parents should talk to their children about how to play online games safely and make sure they do not reveal any personal information. They should also be mindful of where their child is playing games and keep technology in shared family spaces rather than bedrooms.…

Instant Seasoning MixesInstant Seasoning Mixes

Instant Seasoning Mixes

Instant Seasoning Mixes are a great way to add quick and easy flavor to your food without having to reach for the store-bought seasoning packet. They are also very cost-effective as they can be made with ingredients you already have on hand and will last a long time when stored properly. These recipes are also free from MSG and other preservatives.

Whether you are looking for a classic taco seasoning mix or something a bit more exotic like Jamaican Jerk, this recipe has it all. These spices are sure to give your favorite dishes a bold flavor and are perfect for grilling meats, marinades, or for making homemade salsa.

Flavor in a Flash: Elevating Your Meals with Instant Seasoning Mixes

This versatile seasoning blend is a must-have in every cook’s pantry. It’s perfect for seasoning grilled chicken and pork chops, but is also delicious on beef or fish. You can even use it on roasted vegetables or potatoes for a super simple but tasty side dish.

It doesn’t get more family-friendly and weeknight-ready than this creamy and cheesy chicken, broccoli and rice dish. It’s made in the Instant Pot with just a few convenient ingredients for a fast and easy meal on any busy night. This recipe can also be prepared in a slow cooker by following the convenient on-package directions and cooking for four hours on low or three hours on high.

What Is Sports News?What Is Sports News?

โปรโมชั่น 1UFABET is the reporting of events, facts and statistics related to the world of sport. Whether it’s a football game or the latest tennis match, sports news is usually published in newspapers and on radio and television. It may also be found on the Internet, in podcasts or in magazines.

Often, the main goal of sports news is to convey the excitement of a sporting event. This can be done by using vivid descriptions that will grab readers’ attention. It is also important to find ways to convey emotion, such as how a team feels after winning or losing. This can be achieved by describing how the players celebrated or by writing about the crowd’s reaction to the event.

Rivalry Rewind: Classic Matches That Defined Sports History

Another important aspect of sports news is to break new or interesting information about a particular sport. This can be accomplished by interviewing coaches or players, or by analyzing game statistics. This type of news is referred to as breaking sports news.

Local sports are an important part of many communities’ economies. They can bring in millions in ticket sales, food, and alcohol purchases, merchandise sales, and more. In addition, teams employ dozens of people in parking lots, ticket booths, food stands, security, and more. It is important to cover these events because they are a source of pride for many towns and cities. If you are a new sportswriter, it is recommended that you start by covering local sporting events. This will give you a feel for the sport and will help you develop your skills.