Day: March 11, 2024

Safari Hunting AfricaSafari Hunting Africa

The African continent is a vast land of great diversity, and safaris namibia africa offers something for everyone. From the high fence regions of South Africa, a hunt there can be as affordable as it is exciting and educational, to the large dangerous game blocks of East Africa, where you will find the largest populations of all dangerous species, including the Big Five.

Into the Wilderness: Namibia Safari Experiences

The wildly varying environments in Africa have given rise to an incredible number of different animal species and even sub-species. Some of these differences are subtle, while others are profound. It is because of these incredibly diverse habitats that so many hunters find their hearts drawn to Africa – it is truly a target rich environment.

In the early 1900s, Ernest Hemingway and his wife Pauline traveled to Africa for a three-month safari. Inspired by the stories of Theodore Roosevelt, Hemingway borrowed funds from his uncle and spent months in the African wilds. The results were spectacular – Hemingway bagged an elephant, a leopard, and several antelope.

It is important to understand the laws of your chosen destination country before booking a safari, as they tend to vary widely. In general, however, you will need to be accompanied by a qualified Professional Hunter and operate under the license of a registered Hunting Outfitter. In addition, most countries require you to have a yellow fever vaccination in order to enter (CDC recommendations may change regularly). Your PH will handle all the required paperwork for your trip.