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IPAF Training – Part FourIPAF Training – Part Four

Great IPAF training would certainly recommend it! It’s the world’s largest organisation which promotes the safe and timely use of powered access platforms (MEWPs} worldwide, including all cherry pickers and scissor lifts. There are two types of license available: Full Control (fees apply) and Control (no fees apply). The IPAF provides courses in many countries worldwide. The International Performing Artists Fund (IPAF) also operates under the auspices of IPAF. Click here –

Everything You Wanted To Know About Ipaf Training And Were Afraid To Ask

The International Standard ISO18878 mobile elevating work platforms operator’s manual is considered to be an authoritative source of knowledge for Mews contractors worldwide. The Handbook contains recommendations for all types of MEWPs, including: how to construct and maintain power driven elevated work platforms (Mews); what safety requirements apply to each type of MEWP; and, how to prepare and utilise safety certificates. The Handbook also contains relevant information on emergency procedures and recommended protective equipment. The manual can easily be used by non-MEWP contractors as well. All this can be found on the IPAF website. For a fee, an aspiring MEWP can also study the Handbook.

All eligible candidates for the licence are required to undergo a one-day training course at one of the approved training centres. After the one day course, one will receive a certification (usually) covering a wide range of topics, including: Safe Working Practices, Health and Safety Regulations, Safety Features and Systems, Maintaining and Using Power Efficient Access Lanes, and Maintaining Access Stairs. Candidates who successfully complete the course will then be issued their IPAF Registration. Once the IPAF Registration has been issued, Mews operators may then apply to become a Mews Contractor by submitting their application to the IPAF for eligibility.