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Funny Garden Gnomes

If you’ve ever had a gnome in your garden, you know that they’re a fun and quirky way to add some personality. They’re also known for promoting the growth of plants, which is why many people keep them around. They’re also popular symbols in folklore, particularly those from Germany (gnom), Iceland (vector), Ireland (leprechauns), and Scandinavia (tomte or nisse).

Funny Garden Gnomes have been used to decorate gardens and lawns since as early as the renaissance. Today, there are countless options for fun and humorous gnome decor to choose from.

From naughty gnomes to playful pranksters, these statues are sure to get your guests laughing!

1. Naughty Gnome Statue

This cheeky gnome is ready to flip you the bird. He’s crafted from resin and painted with UV-resistant paint so his “go away” sign will remain visible even in the sun.

2. Take a Hike Gnome Statue

This hilarious gnome is a perfect addition to your fairy garden or terrarium. It’s crafted from polyresin and hand-painted so you can count on its durability for years to come. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece for any outdoor space! This gnome is the perfect gift for any gardener or gnome lover in your life. It’s also a great addition to any home or office, as it features a charming design that will complement any decor style. You can even set it up in a small planter for a fun desk decoration!

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