Tantra School

A Tantra school is like a university, with its own set of principles, philosophy, and pedagogy. The teachings of each individual teacher may vary, but they are all committed to offering their students the best knowledge of tantra for the sake of empowering and enriching their lives. These schools have their own sacred temples where they study the sacred texts and pray to the gods. Some have a very rigid structure, while others are more relaxed and flexible, depending on the needs of their students.

What to Expect When You Join

A tantra school like Somananda Educational Institute has its own temple, where you can pay homage to the goddess of knowledge, Amrita. You will learn about the science of ecstasy, kama, and various tantric rituals through an authorized tantra master. The school believes that knowledge is power, so students are expected to be sexually active throughout their studies to fully understand this sacred science. While there are several different aspects to this spiritual school, you will primarily be exposed to the aspects associated with tantra sex. The sexual education offered at this institute helps women to understand tantra as well as provide a gateway to exploring other aspects of the occult.

If you want to explore the sensual side of life, you will need to attend one of Somananda’s classes. The goal of these classes is to enhance your erotic awareness, so you can explore your sexuality without fear of impeding your studies. Each of the eight main paths, called the Chariot of Power, guides you through a series of rituals that activate your sensual and creative side. Some of the rituals include tantra yoga, meditation, tantra, chanting, and a spiritual practice. The entire process takes you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual empowerment.

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