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Types of Garage Doors Available in the UK

Garage Doors UK

A wide choice of designs, colours and materials can help create a garage door that perfectly complements your property. Whether you use the garage to store your car or for any other purposes, there’s sure to be a door that meets your requirements.

The UK’s most popular type of Garage Doors is the up-and-over style with two opening mechanisms (canopy or retractable) available and a massive choice of styles, colours and materials. They’re a great choice for those wanting to maximise their driveway space with easy operation and are available in a large range of sizes up to 8 metres wide.

DIY vs. Professional Installation: What’s Best for Your UK Garage Door

Sectional doors are becoming increasingly popular because they offer superior security, insulation and practicality. Manufactured in steel or aluminium, they operate vertically allowing more room inside the garage and avoiding any swing out of the garage door opening or tracking mechanism, making them suitable for almost any shape of garage door and can even be automated.

They’re available in a range of options including vision slats to let natural light into your garage without needing to open the door, anti-drop systems to ensure they only open fully when the door is safely clear, ‘Secured by Design’ specifications for high levels of security and more. Choose from timber designs that can work well in older properties and contemporary styles that suit newer homes.

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Whether you want to keep your bar surface clean and dry or simply add a splash of colour, branded bar runners are a cost-effective marketing tool. Made from powerfully absorbent materials, they soak up drips and spillages to prevent drinks from pooling on the bar, while also providing a comfortable surface for customers to stand on and rest their elbows on.

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